What Color Hijab Goes with Yellow Dress (15+ Colors & Outfit Ideas)

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what hijab colors to wear

A yellow dress can be intimidating to style especially for hijabis. You may wonder what color hijab goes well with yellow dress. There are many colors you can wear with them, from soft and cool colors to bold and fierce colors.

Depending on the yellow shades, some of it look better with soft colors and vice versa. In this post, I will share about the best hijab colors to go with a yellow dress and more than 20 yellow dress outfit ideas.

Let’s dive in!

How Can I Match My Hijab Color with My Dress?

A hijab can make or break the whole outfit, if you wear the wrong hijab color the whole outfit will look off. This is a real struggle for hijabis to find the right hijab to match with the outfit they are wearing.

However, there are few ways to identify the right hijab to wear with the outfit. Here how to match your hijab color with your dress:

Create Monochromatic Looks

Monochromatic outfits are easy to create when you are styling a one-piece like a dress. You can opt for a lighter shade or darker shade to match with it. Every color has warm, cool and neutral tones, all depending on if they have more blue or yellow tones in them. 

For example, you can style a banana yellow with a cannary yellow to create that monochrome look. To complete the look, pair the outfit with similar yellow shades for the shoes and bag. Wear gold jewelry to elevate the whole look.

Match It with Accessories

Another way to choose the right hijab color is to match it with the accessories (bags & shoes) you have picked for the outfit. For example, if you are wearing a red shoes then a red hijab would be a good option as the whole outfit will look cohesive. 

Another example is if your are using a black handbag then a black hijab would look good for the whole outfit as well. 

Wear Patterned Hijabs

Patterened hijabs are perfect for plain dresses and outfits. It can instantly glam up the whole look. Abstract, floral and polka dot are some of the timeless and versatile patterns that you can wear for different looks. 

Hijabs with uniques patterns and prints usually have different colors on it and this is good as you can wear one hijab for many outfits! For example, a floral patterned hijab may has pink, blue and white on it and you can wear it with pink, blue and white dress!

Neutral Hijab Colors Match Everything!

When in doubt, go neutrals! Neutral hijab colors go well with everything and for every occasions. From white to camel, there is one perfect neutral color for every skin tone! If you are not sure what skin tone you have, head on to my skin tone guide post!

If wearing neutral hijab colors are too plain for you, wear statement bags or shoes. They can have bold and bright colors or unique patterns. 

What Color Hijab Goes with Yellow Dress

Neutral Hijab Colors

Neutral hijab colors are colors that can goes with almost everything. However, not every skin tone looks good with all the neutral colors. Here are what color hijab goes with yellow dress in neutral colors:

1. Beige

2. Creamy white

3. Grey

4. Light Brown

5. Tan

6. Ivory

neutral Hijab Colors to Match with yellow clothes

Warm Hijab Colors

Warm colors are yellow, orange and red. If you like to make a statement with your outfit, pairing a bold and striking warm hijab colors with a yellow dress is the way to go. However, if you like to keep it simple and soft, opt for a muted and soft warm colors.

Here are some of the warm hijab colors you can wear with a yellow dress:

1. Peach

2. Salmon

3. Rose

4. Light yellow

5. Canary yellow

6. Light orange

warm Hijab Colors to Match with yellow clothes

Cool Hijab Colors

Greens, blues and purples are in the cool colors category. Cool hijab colors are for you if you like a put-together and elegant look. You can also go for a statement look by pairing cool hijac colors with yellow dresses. 

For example, green with yellow is a good color combo as they are analogous colors to each other. Here are more of the cool hijab colors that go well with yellow dresses:

1. Lilac

2. Navy blue

3. Sage green

4. Dark green

5. Muted purple

6. Light blue

cool Hijab Colors to Match with yellow clothes

Yellow Dress Outfit Ideas for Hijabis

1. Beige Hijab and Yellow Outfit

What color hijab goes with yellow dress 1

2. Creamy white Hijab

creamy white hijab with yellow dress outfit idea

3. Grey Hijab

What color hijab goes with yellow dress 3

4. Light Brown Hijab

yellow dress outfit ideas for hijabis

5. Tan Hijab

What color hijab goes with yellow dress 5

6. Ivory Hijab

yellow outfits

7. Peach Hijab

What color hijab goes with yellow dress 7

8. Salmon Hijab

salmon pink hijab with yellow dress outfit

9. Rose Hijab

rose pink hijab with yellow dress and pink ballet flats and pink bag

10. Light yellow Hijab

monochromatic yellow outfit

11. Canary yellow Hijab

monochromatic yellow outfit dress

12. Light orange Hijab

date night outfit idea

13. Lilac Hijab and Yellow Dress Outfit

lilac hijab with yellow dress and black bag and black slingback heels

14. Navy blue Hijab

work yellow dress outfit idea

15. Sage green Hijab

sage green and yellow color combo outfit idea

16. Dark green Hijab

dark green hijab with pleated yellow dress and green handbag with yellow pumps

17. Muted purple Hijab

casual dress outfit idea for hijabi

18. Light blue Hijab

yellow outfits

How Can I Look Classy with a Hijab?

Choose the Right Hijab Fabric

There are many different hijab fabrics from cotton to silk. The right hijab fabric can make you appear casual or classy. For example, silk look expensive and they are easy to style and comfortable to wear. 

Fabrics with sheen, a little shine can make you whole outfit more chic and classy. Satin hijabs are another classy fabric that you can wear to look more elegant. 

Learn the Best Hijab Styles for Your Face Shape

Every individual has different face shape, from round to oval. There are different hijab styles you can choose for your own unique face shape. Some face shapes may look best styling loose hijab styles.

Different hijab types can create different looks too. For example, styling square scarf and shawl scarf can have different results. But you can look classy with any hijab types, square scarf, shawl scarf or others. 

Accesorise with Classic Jewelry

Accesories can really glam up your whole outfit. If you want to look classy with a hijab, add classic and minimalist jewelry. Less is more. Keep your jewelry simple but chic enough to make the whole outfit look elegant. 

Gold or minimalist earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings can instantly make your whole outfit look more classy and chic. 

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