Mode thesis is other word for fashion statement.

Hi, I am Nabihah Zaki, the author of Mode Thesis. I created this space to help others be stylish without compromising their self identity and modesty.

How It All Started

I grew up in a conservative environment and culture. It was a challenge for me because I was taught that women should behave and dress a certain way. I felt like I have no self identity and that I do not have the freedom to be more experimental in the way I dress.

But as I grew up and learn more about my religion and different culture around the world, I realized I can find and express myself through fashion. I started to have the courage to try different styles and different clothes that are stylish but still modest.

Now, I am confident with my own style as it truly expresses me as a person. I like essential pieces with a little twist. For example, a houndstooth blazer or printed vintage button down shirt.

Why I Created This Blog

I used to work as a Sales Advisor in one of the fashion brands. I helped people build outfits for different occasions. I enjoy helping others find their style and getting to know their personal preferences.

Now, I want to help you find your own style in my blog!

Personal style is very unique and what you wear will reflect your personality and individuality. Perfecting a wardrobe full of things you love and reflect yourself does not happen overnight. It takes some time, months and years to get it right.

Every details on the clothes that you wear like the colors, structures and tactility of them are all related to your personal style. Learn how to build a personalized wardrobe for you in this blog!

I write about learning the best personal colors for you, timeless and evergreen wardrobe (capsule wardrobe) and how to be stylish while still being modest.

I will share guides on how you can show your identity and express yourself through style. Come along and have fun!

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