Must-have Hijab Colors for Every Skin Tone and Undertone

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the best hijab colors for every skin tone

Have you ever felt like certain hijab colors wash your skin tone out? You found out certain colors do not look good on you? This all has to do with wearing the right color for your skin tones and undertones.

The right hijab color for your skin tone can lift your whole look. It is important to know and find the best hijab color for your skin tone. Wearing the wrong hijab color can make the whole look dull, boring, and off. 

One of the steps to finding the best hijab color for your skin tone is to identify your skin tones and skin undertones. Skin tones and skin undertones are two different things. 

Skin tones may change over time or based on the seasons but undertones usually stay the same. Undertones are the hues that lie beneath the skin surface. 

In this post, I will share with you how to find your skin tones, skin undertones, and the best hijab color for every skin tone and skin undertone.

While it is not entirely true that if you have dark or medium skin tone you will have warm undertones and vice versa, I combined the two of them for easy-to-understand guide.

Let’s get started!

How to Identify My Skin Tone?

crayons symbolizing different skin tones. the image is embedded on a post about the best hijab colors for every skin tone and skin undertone

Skin tone colors can be seen on the skin surface. You can mainly identify which skin tones you have by just looking at your face in the mirror. Skin tones may change if you are exposed to the sun often or not. 

Four main types of skin tones

  • Light
  • Fair
  • Medium
  • Dark

Ways to determine your skin tone:

1. Check your jawline

The skin on your jawline area is the least to be affected by the sun and any skin tone changes. Clean your face and check the color of your jawline in natural sunlight. You can identify if your skin tone is light, fair, medium, or dark better in natural sunlight with a clean face. 

2. Reaction to the sun

Check how your skin reacts to the sun. You may have a light or fair skin tone if your skin burns easily. But if your skin tans instead of burns then your skin tone might be medium or dark skin tone. 

3. Ask your friend

If you are still unsure about your skin tone after trying the two ways above, get a second opinion from your friends. Ask your friends what skin tones you have. Find natural sunlight and ask your friends to check. 

How to Find My Undertone?

Four main types of skin undertones

  • Warm
  • Cool
  • Neutral
  • Olive

Ways to determine your skin undertone:

1. Check your veins

Find a natural light source and check the colors of your veins. If you have blue or purple veins you have cool undertones. If it is green, you have warm undertones. While if it appears both green and blue/purple, you have neutral skin undertones. If you see a tinge of green and grey you may have olive undertone.

2. Test with jewelry 

Test with gold and silver jewelry. If you look flattering in silver jewelry, you have a cool undertone. While if you look better in gold jewelry, you have warm undertones. If you look good in both gold and silver jewelry, you have neutral undertones.

3. White Paper Test

Take a white paper and put it near your face preferably around your neck or chest area. You could also test it with a white t-shirt. If you appear more yellow and gold you may have warm undertones. 

If you look more pinkish and rosy then you may have cool undertones. But if you look grayish and ashen then you have olive undertones. However if you appear yellow, pink, and gray at the same time then you may have neutral undertones. 

Tips for Finding The Right Hijab Color for Your Skin Tone

Seasonal Reasons

Different seasons may affect your hijab colors. Summer seasons are all about bright and vibrant colors. Mostly because of the heat and brighter and lighter colors repel heat and keep you cool during the day. 

While during the colder seasons you may need darker hijab colors to keep you warm. Of course, this is just a guide and not the rules. You may wear bright colors during colder seasons and vice versa. 

Hijab Styles

Consider your hijab styles when choosing your hijab colors. Even though hijab colors affect your skin tone, hijab styles can also affect the whole face shape as well. No matter if your hijab style is loose or tight, it can lift or wash out your skin tone too.

Occasions and Lifestyles

Pick hijab colors that suit your lifestyle and the occasions you often attend to. However, special events may need special hijab colors but for daily wear, timeless and evergreen hijab colors are better. Timeless hijab colors that complement your skin tone should also suit almost any outfits you wear. 

Under scarf Colors

Under scarf colors are also an important factor to consider. You may get similar color for the under scarf as your hijab as well or get timeless and basic colors like black, white, and skin color. 

The Best Hijab Color for Warm Skin Undertone and Dark Skin Tone

Warm skin undertone is the most versatile as well as dark skin tone as almost all colors are suitable for these skin tones. Warm colors are the best for a warm skin tone. Warmer shades of cool colors are also suitable for warm skin undertones. The best colors would be earth-toned colors.

Hijab colors to choose for warm skin undertone and dark skin:

  • Ivory
  • Taupe
  • Beige
  • Peach
  • Coral
  • Olive green

Hijab colors to avoid for warm skin undertone and dark skin:

There are not many hijab colors warm skin tones should avoid. It suits almost any color however it is better to avoid hijab colors that are similar to your skin tone as they can blend with your skin.

  • Icy blue
  • Silver
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Emerald green
  • Dark purple
  • Lavender

Best Hijab Colors for Light Skin and Cool Undertones

Cool colors are the best for those who have cool undertones and light skin tones

Hijab colors to choose from for light skin and cool undertones:

  • Cool blue
  • Violet
  • Light grey
  • Pure white
  • Charcoal
  • Navy

Hijab colors to avoid for light skin and cool undertones:

If you have light skin and cool undertones it is better to avoid bold and strong colors.

  • Electric blue
  • Green grass
  • Orange
  • Bright yellow
  • Light beige
  • Warm Taupe

Hijab Colors for Medium Skin and Olive Undertone

If you have medium skin (usually in the brown skin shades) and olive undertones, the best colors for you are similar to warm undertones. Warm colors suit olive skin undertones the best. Choose autumnal hues as they can really lift your face up.

Best hijab colors to choose for medium skin and olive undertones:

  • Chocolate brown
  • Bronze
  • Honey gold
  • Juicy Pink
  • Grey
  • Pine green

Hijab colors to avoid for medium skin and olive undertones:

  • Ivory
  • Cool blue
  • Yellow

Flattering Hijab Colors for Fair Skin and Neutral Undertone

If you have fair skin tone and neutral undertones it is suggested to go for neutral colors. Do not pick hijab colors that have really warm colors or cool colors too. Neutral undertones suit most colors. But choose colors that fall into the middle of the color spectrum.

Hijab colors to choose for fair skin and neutral undertones:

  • Dusty pink
  • Off white
  • Coffee
  • Jade green
  • Placid blue
  • Cornsilk yellow

Hijab colors to avoid for fair skin and neutral undertones:

  • Bright yellow
  • Bright red
  • Bright orange
Hijab Colors to Avoid for Fair Skin and Neutral Undertone

Identifying the best hijab colors that can complement your skin tones and skin undertones help you get dressed better for the day. You will feel more confident when you are wearing the best colors that make your face more vibrant and glowing. 

However, this is a guideline for you to dress based on the best colors for your skin tones. You may experiment with any colors that you like to find your personal preferences and what makes you feel happy wearing them. 

Have fun experimenting and be confident with yourself!

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