The Best Hijab Colors for Brown Skin

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the best hijab colors for brown skin

There are colors that look amazing on your skin tone and those that look just okay on you. Picking the right hijab colors for brown skin is crucial to lifting up your face. The wrong shades of hijab colors can make you look dull and washes your skin.

Choosing the best clothing colors usually depends on skin undertone rather than skin tone. However, brown skin generally has warm undertones. Even though, brown skin can also have cool, neutral, and olive undertones. 

In this post, I will share the best hijab colors for brown skin in general. Brown skin tone is versatile and looks good in any color. However, there are certain colors that just make brown skin look amazing! Head on to my ultimate guide on the best hijab colors for every skin tone.

If you are not sure what is your skin tone or skin undertone, head on to my best hijab colors for everyone guide!

Now, let’s get started!

Neutral Hijab Colors for Brown Skin

Neutral hijab colors are the go-to hijab for everyday wear. It is easy to match and pair. Neutral colors match with many things and it is easy to put together outfit with neutral colors. Stock up on these neutral hijab colors for your timeless and evergreen wardrobe. 

Here are the best neutral hijab colors for brown skin:

  • Creamy white
  • Taupe
  • Beige
  • Espresso
  • Khaki
  • Golden brown
Neutral Hijab Colors for Brown Skin Tone

Warm Hijab Colors for Brown Skin

Warm hijab colors (reds, oranges, and yellows) look amazing on warm undertones. For those who has brown skin with warm undertones, warm and vibrant colors are great for them. Warm and vibrant colors are usually associated with spring and summer. 

Light colors are great during the summer as it repels heat and do not absorb heat as much. It can keeps the wearer cool. Warm hijab colors are great for the summer season!

Here are the best warm hijab colors for brown skin:

  • Bright yellow
  • Marigold
  • Brick red
  • Rust orange
  • Mustard
  • Ruby 
Warm Hijab Colors for Brown Skin Tone

Cool Hijab Colors for Brown Skin

Generally, those with cool undertones look gorgeous in cool colors. Cool hijab colors (blues, greens, and purples) can look great on brown skin with the right shades and hues. Bright and deep cool colors look amazing on brown skin with both cool and warm undertones. 

Generally, cool colors are associated with autumn and winter. Cool hijab colors are great during those seasons as it fits the vibe and environment. 

Here are the best cool hijab colors for brown skin:

  • Cobalt
  • Emerald green
  • Royal blue
  • Magenta
  • Turquoise
  • Lavender
Cool Hijab Colors for Brown Skin Tone

Hijab Colors to Avoid for Brown Skin

Although most colors look good on brown skin, there are colors that should be avoided as these colors can wash your skin out and make you look dull. Avoid colors similar to your skin tone. For brown skin, that can means different shades and hues of browns. 

Here are the hijab colors to avoid for brown skin:

  • Chocolate brown
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Navy
  • Dark brown
  • Light green
Hijab Colors to Avoid for Brown Skin Tone

Hijab Colors That Go With Everything

Neutral colors and earth toned colors go with many things. Colors like black, white, navy, and beige look great with everything. However, the different shades and hues may be different depending on your skintone and skin undertone. 

How Can I Match My Hijab with My Outfit?

One of the struggles every hijabi experience is matching the right hijab with their outfit. There are different ways you can do to match your hijab with your outfit.

Here are the ways:

Go monochrome

This might be the easiest way to match your hijab. Wear the same colors from head to toe in different shades. Monochromatic look is always classic and elegant. You can rarely go wrong with monochrome style!

Choose lighter shade

Choose lighter shade for the hijab than the top. For example, if you are wearing navy blue top or navy blue dress then pair it with a sky blue hijab. This is similar to monochromatic look but you can complete the look with different colors for the accessories. 

Pick one color

If you are wearing two pieces outfit or printed dress, you can pick one color from the clothes and match it with your hijab. This will accentuate the patterned dress and enhance the overall two pieces look. 

Go neutrals

You can never go wrong with neutral colors. Every individual may have different neutral colors depending on their skin tone. However, there are universal neutrals that look good on everyone. For example, black, white, peach, soft pink and grey. 

Play with different color combos

Go bold and wear different colors for each piece from the top, bottom and hijab. Play with colors and experiment! For example, you can wear a red dress with beige hijab. Another example, you can pair orange and navy blue in one outfit. 

Generally, any colors look good on any skin tone. However, the different shades and hues may be different depending on the skin tones and undertones. Learning your personal colors can help you dress your best. 

Keep on experimenting and have fun while learning it!

If you need more guide, come along with me on this blog where I share everything modest fashion, style and colors!

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