Best Hijab Material for Summer + Summer Hijab Outfits

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the best hijab material for summer

Modest dressing can be difficult especially during the warm season. If you are a hijabi and looking for the best hijab material for summer, I will be sharing them in this post. I will also be sharing the tips to stay cool during summer and outfit inspirations for summer hijab outfits. 

I live in Malaysia where it is the summer season all year long. I have tried all of the hijab materials mentioned in this post and I can vouch for it. The materials are comfortable, easy to style and easy to care for. 

Learn the common types of hijab fabric and the best hijab material for different seasons from my ultimate guide of hijab fabrics!

Now let’s get started!

Best Hijab Material for Summer

Natural or plant based fabrics are the best to wear during the summer season. Lightweight and breathable hijab materials are perfect in the summer. Here are the best hijab materials for summer:

Cotton Hijab

Cotton hijab is hands down the most comfortable hijab material. Cottons are lightweight and breathable. They allow air to go through the hijab. There are many varieties of cottons but generally cotton hijab is cooling and great during summer. It is a great fabric to style with. It suits most of the face shapes and especially organic cotton, it is soft on the skin. 

Linen Hijab

Linen is another go-to hijab material during the summer season. It is lightweight and comfortable on the head. It doesn’t feel stuffy and you can style it easily. Linen hijabs are great for any occasion. They are chic and classic. However, the material is thin and if you opt for lighter colors like white, you have to wear a similar color for the underscarf. 

Silk Hijab

Silk is a very classic and elegant material. Silk hijab is great for formal events or if you want to elevate your whole look. They are natural fiber and great for sensitive skin. It doesn’t irritate your skin. Silk is also easy to style and suitable for any face shape. 

Chiffon Hijab

Chiffon hijab has a great draping effect. It looks clean and smart. Chiffon hijab is one of most popular hijab choices among hijabi. You can style chiffon hijab during any season in the year. They are perfect for any occasion. Running errands or going to a business meeting, chiffon hijab is a great choice.

Jersey Hijab

Jersey hijab is easy to style and very comfortable. It is a non-slip hijab. It stays put on your head all day long. Wear a cotton underscarf and add a few pins for security. You can wear a jersey hijab to the beach because it is not as flowy as the others. This is a great hijab material for summer!

Tips to Stay Cool during Summer Wearing Hijab

best hijab material for summer

We all have moments where we feel stuffy throughout the day while wearing hijab. It is humid and sweats come out a lot and you don’t feel comfortable. However, there are tips to stay cool and comfortable during summer when you are wearing hijab.

Stay comfortable and breezy during summer with these tips!

  • Choose light colored hijab – Light and bright colors repel heat. If you want to stay cool and comfortable during the summer season, choose light colored hijab like white or beige. 
  • Pick loose and comfortable hijab style – Loose hijab style is the way to go during the warm season. It helps avoid feeling stuffy and hot. It also helps allow the air to go through and keep you cool. 
  • Get cooling underscarf – Underscarf or under cap plays an important role during summer. You need a cooling underscarf that doesn’t feel too humid and hot. Choose cool colors and cool materials for your underscarf. 

Best Hijab Colors for Summer

Lighter and bright colors are better than darker colors during the summer season. If you do not want to get heat stroke or get really sweaty during the day wearing a hijab, avoid dark colors like black. 

Neutral shades and earthy tones are great because they are timeless and cooling. I share the best hijab colors to wear during summer below:


White generally looks good for any skin tone. It is also a great color to reflect sunlight which makes you stay cool throughout the day. White hijab is also easy to match with any outfit. You can wear it for a casual day out or a formal event. 

Soft pink

Soft pink is another great hijab color for summer. It is easy to style and can be paired with any outfits. Soft pink is also a perfect hijab color that can reflect the sunlight and repel the heat. Stay cool and breezy in soft pink hijabs during summer! 

Gray feather

If you have cooler undertones, gray feather hijab suits your skin. It is also a very versatile color and evergreen. You can match the hijab color with anything and the whole outfit will look amazing. Pair it with a white t-shirt and jeans with gray feather and you are good to go. 

Nude colors

Hijab in nude colors are suitable for any skin tones too. There are a range of nude shades you can choose from. There are shades for every skin tone and undertones! They are also very easy to style and a versatile color as well. 

Summer Hijab Outfit Ideas

There are many outfit inspirations for summer hijab outfits. I am going to share some of them here! I hope this is helpful and gets you inspired on how to mix and match your own clothes. 

Brunch date outfit

Pair your favorite square scarf with an oversized button down shirt and wide leg pants. Complete the look with a white trainers and a black handbag!

summer hijab outfits

Date night outfit

Polyester is not a great fabric to wear during warm season but I usually wear a cotton inner inside to stay cool. I styled an off white cotton square scarf and paired a puffy sleeved blouse with a pleated skirt and a black loafers with my favorite mini shopper bag.

summer hijab outfits

Picnic date outfit

Pair your cotton shawl with your favorite blazer and a sleeveless floral maxi dress. Complete the look with a high top Converse and a quilted shoulder bag.

Running errands outfit

Style your white cotton hijab with a multicolored stripe t-shirt and a pair of denim pants. Complete the look with a high top converse and a quilted shoulder bag.

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