Modest Minimalist Wardrobe: 10 Modest Wardrobe Essentials

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modest minimalist wardrobe

A modest minimalist wardrobe is all about the concept of “less is more”. You can have minimal pieces of clothing items in your wardrobe that are modest and versatile. Dressing modestly is a choice. Some people do it because they like it and some people do it because of their faith. 

If you just recently decided to dress modestly and are wondering what essentials you should have in your modest minimalist wardrobe, I will share 10 modest wardrobe essentials in this post! You don’t need to own all 10 of the items listed, just get the most that suits your lifestyle. 

What is Modest Fashion?

Modest fashion is wearing less skin revealing clothes. Modest dressing generally means covering your chest/cleavage, butt, crotch and upper thighs. Some people choose to dress modestly for various reasons, from personal preference to religious purpose. 

Modest dressers usually opt for longer skirts, long sleeved tops and baggier clothes. Modest fashion is all about confidence and elegance. You can be modest and stylish at the same time. 

How Many Items are in a Minimalist Wardrobe?

There are no fixed amount of items in a minimalist wardrobe. It all depends on your needs and lifestyle. However, ideally the number of items ranged between 10 pieces to 50 pieces to create more different outfits. 

The main purpose of a minimalist wardrobe is to own pieces that you love and need that are evergreen. It helps you to be mindful when buying clothes. You have to think of the durability and longevity of the items you like. Even though quality clothes may be on the higher end price point, it usually lasts longer hence why it is actually a better choice. 

How Do You Build a Modest Minimalist Wardrobe?

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You don’t need a big budget to build a modest capsule wardrobe. Keep in mind, the most important thing in a modest minimalist wardrobe is quality over quantity. We only need few quality pieces that can last us a long time. There are few tips you can use to build a modest capsule wardrobe that are stylish and versatile. 

Look at your current wardrobe

Don’t throw away all of your clothes and buy new ones. Take a good look at your current wardrobe and identify items that you wear the most. Those are your personal staple pieces. It can be a striped t-shirt or straight leg jeans. Whatever it is, keep them in your modest capsule wardrobe. 

Identify your color palette 

Notice if there are any colors or patterns that take up most of the space in your wardrobe? Are those items you wear most of the time? You can start building your color palette from there. If you have more neutral colors or stripes patterns, you can include that in your modest minimalist capsule wardrobe. If you need more guidance on building a colorful capsule wardrobe, I have made a guide on that. 

10 Modest Minimalist Wardrobe Essentials

There are no rules or exceptions on how many items you need in a modest minimalist wardrobe essentials. This is a guide of wardrobe essentials that can be worn anytime, anywhere and can be styled with anything. 

You don’t need every item listed in this post. You can add or remove any of the items according to your lifestyle and preference.

Button down shirts

A classic staple piece that can never go wrong! You can pair a white button down shirt with any bottoms and you will look amazing. Complete the look with sneakers, ballet flats or classic black pumps, it can never go wrong. 


T-shirts are versatile and you can style them any season, any time of the year. You can wear it on its own or as a layering piece. It is timeless, modest and minimalist. T-shirts are one of the effortlessly stylish clothing pieces anybody can own. 


Sweaters are a must-have especially during the cold season. Opt for a solid color sweater to achieve a minimalist look. You can style them with a pair of jeans and Chelsea boots. It is a simple but fashionable outfit. 


Blazers are flexible, you can dress up or dress down with a blazer. If you are going out for a casual date or running errands you can pair blazers with a t-shirt and a denim bottom. If you need to go to an important business meeting, you can dress it up with matching trousers. 


Opt for wide leg trousers for a modest minimalist look. You can style a pair of trousers with any kind of tops and you will look smart! Trousers can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasions. Just change the top and accessories to fit the occasions. 


This is a go-to bottom! Pair your favorite pair of jeans with your favorite top and you are good to go! You can never go wrong with jeans. Style them in any way with anything and you will look fashionable. 

Long dresses

Long dresses are a great staple piece, you can wear it as its own or layer it with another clothing piece. Maxi dresses or midi dresses, it depends on your preferences. One of the keys to wearing modestly is layering. 


Loafers are classic and timeless. You can style it with any outfit to look smart. Opt for a black loafers as it is more versatile. You can style them with dresses, jeans, trousers or skirts. Loafers can elevate the whole look. 


Sneakers are the go-to shoes. You don’t know what to wear? Just grab your favorite pair of sneakers and you are good to go! You can style them with anything, really. There are timeless sneakers you can choose from, Converse, New Balance or classic white trainers. 

Black handbags

A classic black handbag is a must-have in any minimalist wardrobe. It is versatile and effortlessly stylish. Opt for an adjustable strap black handbag as you can style them as a shoulder bag or sling bag.

modest minimalist wardrobe

Modest Minimalist Wardrobe: Outfit Ideas

You can have many different outfits with just 10 modest minimalist wardrobe essentials listed above. Running errands, casual dates, or business meetings, you can achieve different styles for different occasions with staple pieces. 

I made a visual guide on how you can mix and match each one of them with one another. You can experiment and try different pairs each time. There are no rules in fashion! Wear what you like and make you happy. 

Modest Minimalist Wardrobe: Outfit Ideas

Those modest wardrobe essentials are flexible and versatile. They can be matched with one another to create variety of different outfits for different events. You can create outfits for casual day out like running errands to important events like a business meeting.

You can add more items in your own modest minimalist wardrobe. This is just a guide to create a modest minimalist wardrobe that is effortless and stylish at the same time.

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