Colorful Capsule Wardrobe: How to + 10 Outfit Ideas

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how to build a colorful capsule wardrobe

Are you interested in building your own capsule wardrobe but are bored with neutrals and minimalist colors? It is not impossible to have a capsule wardrobe with colors! I will be sharing the ultimate guide to building your own colorful capsule wardrobe that can be worn in different ways.

If you are not familiar with the concept of capsule wardrobe, the purpose of it is for you to own less and be creative with the limited but enough pieces to suit your personal style. Capsule wardrobe is heavy on choosing quality over quantity. 

Capsule wardrobe will usually change or need a bit of adjustment during different seasons but it will teach you to spend less and be mindful of buying more than you need in your wardrobe. 

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Steps of Choosing Colors in Your Capsule Wardrobe

how to create a color palette for a colorful capsule wardrobe

1. Choose your base colors

Base colours are colours that you wear everyday. For example, black, white, navy and brown. They are muted colours that can be worn for every season. You can choose the base colours for the tops, bottoms or shoes. 

Choose one base colour that can match with every piece that you have in your capsule wardrobe. It is important to pick the colour that you will wear often as it is the key that makes up the essential pieces in your wardrobe. 

2. Pick 2-3 neutral colours

Neutral colours are base colours in different shades. For example, different shades of brown are beige, tan and mocha. 

Choose one that can complement the base colour you chose so the colour palette in your capsule wardrobe won’t be too dull. For example, if you choose white as your base colour, beige is a great colour as it will complement each other. Another example are black and camel.

3. Choose 2-3 accent colors

This is the main key to having a colorful capsule wardrobe that screams you! This step is for you to identify your favorite colors. Choose 2-3 colors that you like and make sure those colors can match with one another as well, if you want a fully functional and versatile wardrobe. 

If you want to level up, you can also find out about your colour type and wear colours that are meant for your skintone. 

4. Add 2-3 printed, patterned or textured pieces

colorful capsule wardrobe

This is also one of the key steps that can define your personal style! You can choose any of your favourite pieces in your wardrobe. Make sure to choose items that you will wear often. 

If you like stripes, you can add different types of striped clothing items in your wardrobe. Those pieces should also be able to be worn with the rest of the pieces you have in your wardrobe. 

If the printed or patterned pieces you like have different colours on it, make sure you choose one colour in those pieces and match it with another piece in the same colour to achieve that cohesive look. 

5. Select neutral colors for accessories

To complete the colorful capsule wardrobe, you can add in neutral colored shoes and bags. Neutral colors like black and nude match with everything. 

Similar steps above can be applied when choosing the right shoes and bag that you can style and suit your capsule wardrobe. 

If you want to add jewelry pieces make sure to pick gold or silver jewelry. Those colours can elevate the whole look and are versatile for any occasion. 

Tips for Colorful Capsule Wardrobe 

1. Make sure you include basic essentials

Clothing essentials are must-have  pieces as it is the core of a capsule wardrobe. Basic essentials like t-shirts, jeans and outerwear (blazer or denim jacket) can be worn many ways. 

2. Choose pieces that screams you and don’t follow trends

Capsule wardrobe teaches you to own pieces that suit your personal style. If you like floral or leopard patterns, add those pieces in your wardrobe. Do not buy things because it is trendy. 

3. Analyze your favorite clothing pieces in your wardrobe

If you are still confused to choose your favourite colours to wear, you can try to analyze your existing wardrobe. Choose 10 clothing  pieces that you wear the most and see what they have in common. 

Colorful Capsule Wardrobe Checklist

wardrobe with color essentials checklist

This is a guide checklist that you can use to make sure you have a complete capsule wardrobe. I listed 26 pieces that include tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes and bags. You can adjust accordingly to your personal lifestyle and colours. 

Make sure you include the colours you chose above in these pieces listed below. The purpose is to have a functional and versatile capsule wardrobe that caters to your needs and suits your personal style. 


3 T-shirts

3 Shirts

3 Blouse


2 Jeans

2 Skirts

2 Trousers


1 Blazer

1 Denim Jacket


1 Long Dress

1 Midi Dress


1 Canvas Totebag

1 Leather Tote

1 Handbag (Shoulder and sling bag)


1 Flats

1 Heels

1 Sneakers

1 Boots

Outfit Ideas

I have done a visual guide to inspire you to style those pieces in different look. I have put together 10 outfit ideas for you. These pieces can be styled with one another. You can change the bottoms or tops and keep the rest of the look for a new fresh outfit.

This is only a guide and you can adjust them according to your own personal style. Let me know if this is helpful! I’d love to hear your feedback.

outfit ideas for capsule wardrobe with colors

How Many Pieces Should Be in a Capsule Wardrobe

The answer to this question can vary but it is advisable to have 20-50 pieces including tops, bottoms, accessories and shoes in your capsule wardrobe. Most people agree capsule wardrobe does not include basic staples clothes like undergarments, socks, pajamas or activewear. 

You have the options to choose the pieces and all the pieces chosen should be versatile and be able to mix and match with one another to create many outfits that can last longer. 

There are no set numbers for pieces you should have in your capsule wardrobe. You can always experiment with what works best for you and adjust accordingly. 

How Many Colors You Should Have in a Capsule Wardrobe

There are no set numbers for how many colors you should have in a capsule wardrobe. To begin, you can have 6-9 colors in your wardrobe. You can always add or remove any colors from your wardrobe, accordingly, during different seasons and based on your lifestyle.

How Many Outfits are in a Capsule Collection?

You can get 50 to over 100 different outfits with 20-50 pieces easily. Mix and match different pieces to get different styles every time. A simple change like choosing a different top for the same outfit can give you a whole different look!

This is how you can be creative and have fun with styling different pieces with one another. Just make sure the colors are cohesive so the overall look is put together. 

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