Hijab Colors to Wear with Black Dress + Outfit Ideas

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Do you always asks yourself “what hijab color goes with black dress?” Do you have struggles to style a simple black dress? Are you not sure what hijab colors can glam it up? No worries! This post will teach you all the best hijab colors and ways to spruce up your whole look.

A black dress is a must-have piece in every wardrobe. It is simple but classic and chic. You will instantly look elegant and sophisticated in a black dress. However, how do you style a simple black dress to add the wow factor?

Wearing the right hijab colors and adding simple accessories can really elevate your black dress! 

What Hijab Color Goes with a Black Dress

A black dress is easy to style and match. Any color will look amazing with a black dress. However, the best hijab colors are different for everyone. It all depends on your skin tone and skin undertone. You can take a step further by learning about your own personal color palette.

Learn the best hijab colors for all skin tones and undertones from my guide here!

If you are wondering what hijab color goes with a black dress, here are the best hijab colors to match with a black dress:

Neutral colors

Neutral colors are easy to match and they can go well with a black dress. 

1. Black

2. White

3. Beige

4. Cream

5. Nude

6. Gray

neutral hijab colors to match with black dress

Earth-tone colors

Earth-tone colors can be considered neutral colors. They are the colors we can find in nature.

1. Olive green

2. Camel brown

3. Khaki

4. Deep reds

5. Sienna

6. Pine green

earth-tone hijab colors to match with black dress

Bold colors

Bold colors can be a statement piece and it adds glam to the whole outfit. It can instantly elevate the simple black dress.

1. Bright red

2. Bright yellow

3. Bright orange

4. Lime green

5. Electric blue

6. Bright purple

bold hijab colors with black dress

Pastel colors

Pastel colors are also a great match with a black dress. It can soften the whole look. 

1. Peach

2. Soft pink

3. Creamy mint

4. Baby blue

5. Pastel yellow

6. Lilac

pastel hijab colors

Patterned hijab

Patterned hijabs can be a statement piece for the whole outfit. It gives a unique and fashionable look to the overall outfit. 

1. Floral prints

2. Abstract prints

3. Nature prints

patterned hijab with black clothes

How Do You Glam a Black Dress?

Add gold accessories

Gold accessories are classic and glamorous. It can elevate a simple black dress. Wear a gold necklace and gold bracelets with a gold ring. You may wear different gold colors for each of your jewelry, for example, a gold necklace with a silver bracelet. 

However, for a more cohesive and put-together outfit, matching gold pieces of jewelry would be better. 

Pair it with bold-colored heels

Bold-colored heels can attract attention to your whole outfit. It instantly makes your simple black dress more interesting and unique. Wear bold red pumps and match them with red colored lipstick. 

Wear a statement belt

Adding a unique and statement belt can really spruce up your black dress. It can accentuate your waistline and adds shape. It gives interesting break between your upper body and lower body. 

Statement handbag

A statement handbag is a great way to glam up your black dress. A pop of color and funky unique patterns and designs can really elevate the whole look. While keeping your essentials in the bag, the statement piece can make you look stylish and fashionable. 

Black Dress Outfit Ideas for Hijabis

It is very easy to style a black dress. They are versatile and suitable for different occasions. There are many ways you can style a black dress with a hijab. 

I made a visual guide for you to get inspired by styling a black dress. I hope this is helpful!

Black Dress Outfit Ideas for Hijabi

How Do You Match Your Clothes with a Hijab?

Go monochrome

The easiest and classic way is to match all of your pieces in the same color. You can wear different shades of the same color for a more interesting look. 

Head on to my black monochrome outfit ideas post to get inspired! If you are interested to build a mini capsule wardrobe by using black as the only colour, read more on my all black capsule wardrobe guide.

Match it with one color in the outfit

Wear the same or similar hijab color with one of your top or bottom. For example, if you are wearing a pink top with white bottom, pair the outfit with a hijab in pink or white color. 

Wear a patterned hijab 

If you are wearing a simple dress like a black dress, match it with a patterned hijab to add some glam to the whole outfit. 

Go neutrals

Neutral-colored hijabs are easy to match. You can never go wrong with neutral hijab colors. 

Black, white, grey, and beige are great hijab colors as they are easy to match with any other colors. 

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