Burgundy Monochrome Outfit: Style Tips & 15+ Outfit Ideas

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burgundy monochrome outfit

Burgundy monochrome outfit is clean, elegant, and chic when you do it right. However, styling monochromatic looks can be tricky. If done wrong, the outfits can appear plain and tacky. Sure, all-black monochromatic looks are easy to achieve, but what about other colors?

In this post, I will share how to create burgundy monochrome outfits that are stylish and unique. If you are interested in creating monochromatic outfits, head on to my similar posts:

Let’s dive into monochromatic style tips and burgundy monochrome outfit inspirations.

Burgundy Monochrome Outfit Tips

Use different shades and tones

To create dynamic and interesting monochromatic outfits, pair different shades and tones together. For example, you can pair a soft pink top with a hot pink bottom with similar shades and tones for the shoes and bags too. 

Burgundy also has different tones from light to dark. You can pair them together to create stylish burgundy monochrome outfits. 

Experiment with textures, patterns, and shapes

how to wear monochrome outfits in burgundy

When styling a one-color outfit, the whole look can look unflattering and plain if done wrong. To avoid that, include pieces that have unique textures, patterns, and shapes. For example, pleats, satin, silk, plaids, and puff sleeves. 

By incorporating different fabrics, patterns, and volumes, dynamic outfits can be achieved. You can pair a puffy-sleeved top with a pleated skirt with leather footwear and bags. 

Include layering pieces

Layering pieces can add depth to monochromatic outfits. Include outerwear like jackets, blazers, and cardigans in your outfits. This is how you can be playful by layering different pieces together. 

For example, you can go simple by pairing a cardigan with a maxi dress. You can also go maximalist with layering by using multiple items in one outfit like a blazer with a button-down shirt and a vest over it. 

Play with proportions 

You can create visually pleasing outfits by playing with proportions correctly. This is when the rule of thirds in fashion comes in handy. The rule of thirds or also known as the golden ratio is when you divide your outfits into thirds.

The practice is simple, one way you can apply it is to pair a crop top with long pants. Another way is to pair a long top with a short bottom. Learn more in my Rule of Thirds in Fashion Guide

Burgundy Wardrobe Essentials

Essential pieces in a burgundy wardrobe must be versatile. This will allows you to create many different outfits for different seasons and events. Head on to my mini burgundy capsule wardrobe to learn how to build a one-color-based wardrobe. 

Burgundy wardrobe essentials should include pieces that can be worn on their own or as layering pieces. Here are some of the items you should have in a burgundy wardrobe:

  • T-shirt
  • Button-down shirt
  • Jeans
  • Trousers
  • Cardigan
  • Jacket 
  • Sweatshirt
  • Maxi dress
  • Midi dress
  • Sneakers
  • Flats
  • Boots

Opt for pieces that can be styled in different ways, for example, an oversized shirt. You can style it with a vest or blazer over it and you can also style it with a dress. 

There are many other ways you can style it, for example, you can unbutton a few buttons at the bottom and tie them together. 

Burgundy Monochrome Outfit

Spring/Summer Burgundy Monochrome Outfits

1. T-shirt and Trouser Outfit

summer burgundy outfit

This burgundy monochrome outfit combination is great for summer. It is effortlessly stylish. A striped t-shirt is always a great touch for a monochromatic look. Pair the t-shirt with loose trousers and sandals with a large tote bag. 

2. Seersucker Blouse with Tailored Trousers

burgundy monochrome outfit for spring/summer outfit idea

This is a smart casual outfit suitable for work or casual days out. Pair a unique blouse with interesting textures with tailored trousers and ballet flats with a handbag. You can also add gold jewelry like rings and bracelets to elevate the whole look.

3. T-shirt and Leggings Outfit

burgundy monochrome outfit for spring summer

This combo is comfortable and laid-back, perfect for lazy days! Grab your burgundy t-shirt and pair it with your favorite burgundy leggings and sneakers with a tote bag. This look is also great to wear to go to the gym. 

4. Burgundy Dress Outfit

burgundy monochrome outfit dress idea

This is a perfect outfit for date nights or special events! It is classy, elegant, and chic all packed into one look. A wrap dress is great for most body shapes, it will make you look taller and smaller. Pair the dress with strappy heels and a unique handbag. Add gold accessories to complement the gold hardware in the handbag and heels. 

5. Buttoned Blouse with Skirt Outfit

burgundy monochromatic outfit idea spring

A buttoned blouse and skirt combination is always great for many occasions from business meetings to meeting your friends for brunch. Tuck in the blouse to divide the outfits into thirds to create a balanced proportion. 

6. Striped Tee with Maxi Skirt 

monochromatic burgundy outfit idea

Pair the burgundy striped t-shirt with A-line skirts for an effortlessly chic style. This pair is great for the weekends or for vacations! Complete the look with comfy ballet flats and a cute handbag. 

7. V-neck Blouse with Wide Leg Trousers

monochromatic burgundy outfit ideas

Casual but clean and smart burgundy monochrome outfit, perfect for running errands or going to class! V-neck blouses will make you look smaller. Pair the top with wide leg trousers together with a ballet flats and tote bag. 

8. Tiered Dress Outfit

all burgundy dress outfit idea

A tiered dress is classic and suitable for most body shapes. It can be worn to many different places from work, dates, to vacations. This outfit is a great for spring and summer. Pair the dress with a strappy heels and quirky bag. Change the heels to a more comfortable footwear and it is great for picnic at the park!

9. Ruched Neck Blouse with Jeans

burgundy monochrome outfit for spring summer outfit inspiration

A good outfit option for concerts. It is stylish and comfortable at the same time. Pair an interesting and unique blouse with jeans and sneakers with a quirky handbag. You can also add jewelry to elevate the whole outfit. 

10. Burgundy Blouse with Jeans Outfit

spring/summer outfit idea in burgundy

This is another great options for concert outfit. It is chic and stylish. It is also great for going out on the weekends trying new cafes and walking around the neighbourhood. Pair a blouse with jeans and loafers with a minimalist handbag. 

Autumn/Winter Monochromatic Burgundy Outfits

1. Hoodie and Jogger Pants

burgundy monochrome outfit for autumn

This is the go-to outfit combination especially on cozy and chilly days. A hoodie set is a must-have in every wardrobe especially for college students. A monochromatic burgundy hoodie and jogger set is chic and comfy. Pair them with a pair of burgundy sneakers.

2. Knitted Sweaters with Loose Pants

monochromatic burgundy autumn outfit

This is also another great outfit for college students and comfortable for running errands as well. This is an effortless outfit to create but it looks clean and chic. Pair the knitted sweater with loose bottom and a pair of loafers with large totebag. 

3. Turtleneck Top with Cardigan

autumn outfit in burgundy

This is a classy outfit that screams old-money. With similar burgundy tones, the whole outfit look elegant and sophisticated. Pair your turtleneck top with buttoned cardigan and loafers with a minimalistic handbag.

4. Loose Turtleneck Sweaters Outfit

monochrome burgundy outfit for autumn

This is a minimalist outfit that looks put-together. Pair an oversized turtleneck sweater with a loose trousers and sneakers with a cute handbag. The sneakers make the outfit inclined to streetwear style. Change the footwear to suit different events. 

5. Burgundy Maxi Dress Outfit

autumn burgundy dress outfit idea

Chilly days call for outerwear. Cardigans are great especially during the spring season. Pair a burgundy maxi dress with an oversized cardigan and elegant pointed toe heels with a minimalist handbag. 

6. Burgundy Leather Skirt Outfit Idea

burgundy monochrome outfit for winter

Leather skirts are classic pieces that can instantly elevate your whole outfit. It is also a good piece to wear during the cold season. Pair it with a turtleneck top and A-line midi skirts with a coat and leather Chelsea boots.

7. Burgundy Blazer Outfit Idea

autumn burgundy monochrome outfit idea

Blazers can instantly make you look stylish and put together. Pair a burgundy blazer with an oversized turtleneck sweater and a pair of tailored trousers with a leather Chelsea boots and a minimalistic handbag.

8. Burgundy Long Coat with Dress Outfit

monochromatic burgundy winter outfit

This outfit is great for dinner dates or going to special events like weddings. Pair a satin wrap ruffled maxi dress with a long coat and pointed toe heels with a chic bag. Complete the look with gold jewelry to complement the gold handle on the bag. 

9. Hoodie and Coat Outfit

burgundy monochrome outfit idea for winter

Streetwear style is laid-back and looks cool. Combinations of hoodie and coat with a pair of jeans and sneakers can never go wrong. The whole look is effortlessly stylish. Add bags like handbag or tote bag to complete the look. 

10. Burgundy Puffer Jacket Outfit

burgundy monochrome outfit winter

This is burgundy monochrome outfit done right! Puffer jacket has unique look and keep you warm. Pair a puffer jacket with a knitted sweater and a pair of trousers with leather Chelsea boots and a handbag. This is suitable for many casual events. 

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