Pleated Skirt Outfit Ideas with Hijab

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pleated skirts outfit idea with hijab

Pleated skirt is one of the must have items in your wardrobe! You can create multiple pleated skirt outfits with hijab. You can dress it down or dress it up. However you style it, pleated skirts will elevate your whole look. As a Muslim woman myself, a maxi long pleated skirt is a great piece to give some volume and flow in my outfit.

What Tops Go with Pleated Skirts

There are many ways you can style pleated skirts. You have different varieties of pleated skirts you can choose for many different occasions. From tennis pleated skirts to long pleated skirts, there is one for everybody! 

If you are looking for different tops to go with pleated skirts, here are a list of top for pleated skirts you can try:

  • T-shirt
  • Button down shirt
  • Sweater
  • Tank top
  • Camisole
  • Printed blouse
  • Cardigan as a top
  • Blazer

Pleated Skirt Outfit with Hijab

Pleated skirt is one of the staple pieces in a modest capsule wardrobe. It is a very versatile piece and easy to style. Always opt for solid colors as they are more evergreen and easier to match. If you still prefer patterns, choose timeless patterns like stripes, polka dots or animal prints.

There are variety of ways you can style a pleated skirt. Pair it with a white t-shirt and white trainers or match it with a floral blouse with a beige heel. It is easy to style as long as you practice the rule of thirds. Tuck the top in or wear an oversized top to balance the proportions. 

Here are some of the ways you can wear a pleated skirt with hijab:

Pleated Skirt Outfit with Sneakers

Wear a pleated skirt with sneakers! Sneakers are one of the go-to shoes on lazy and casual days. When you want to feel comfortable running errands, a comfortable outfit is a must!

Pair your pleated skirt with a boxy striped long sleeve t-shirt. Match the color of the skirt with your hijab!

pleated skirt outfit with sneakers and hijab

Long Black Pleated Skirt Outfit with Hijab

Go monochrome! Use one color or shades to achieve a chic and elegant monochromatic look. Pair your long black pleated skirt with a black top and black hijab.

Complete the look with a black bag and black shoes. This whole look is easy to achieve and looks very classy.

monochrome all black outfit. wearing a pleated skirt outfit with hijab

Black Pleated Skirt Outfit with Blazer

Blazers are one of the must-haves in every wardrobe! There is a reason for that. They are easy to wear and can elevate the whole look. Pair your favorite blazer, cropped, oversized or fitted with a pleated skirt.

Throw in a pop of color to your outfit by wearing a tie-dye inner top or solid colors fitted top. Complete the whole look with a black shopper bag and black Chelsea boots.

pleated skirt outfit hijab

White Pleated Skirt Outfit

A white pleated skirt can be styled up and styled down. You can wear it to a casual brunch with your friends or wear it to a formal business meeting. 

Pair your white pleated skirt with a white t-shirt and a black leather jacket. Complete the look with a white hijab and black boots. Change the top to white shirt and black blazer with black pumps or loafers for a more professional look.

Pleated Skirt Date Outfit with Hijab

Pair your pleated skirt with a more feminine blouse to achieve an elegant and sophisticated look for a date out! Style the skirt with a wrap blouse or a puffy sleeves top. Volume and structure in an outfit can give it a whole different vibe.

Complete the look with matching color shoes and hijab as well as a versatile bag.

Is a Pleated Skirt a Classic?

Yes, pleated skirts are a classic piece. They are one of the timeless fashion items that are evergreen and trendy all season. Styling a pleated skirt is not a problem. It is a very easy piece to match with other clothes.

How Do You Wear a Pleated Skirt Casually?

Depending on the materials, pleated skirts can be seen as a formal piece. For example, a chiffon pleated skirt or satin pleated skirt. However, there are creative ways you can create a casual look with a pleated skirt. Here are ways to wear a pleated skirt casually:

  • Pair it with a t-shirt – T-shirts are one of the casual tops you can wear to achieve a casual and laid back look. Wear it as it own or pair it with a casual outerwear like leather jacket or a blazer.
  • Wear sneakers – Sneakers are the go-to shoes for comfortable and lazy days. They are great with any outfit. Sneakers are also deemed as a casual shoes so adding them into your outfit will make your whole look appear more easy going.
  • Style it with an oversized sweater – Oversized clothes can give off a relaxed and easy vibe. Pair your pleated skirt with an oversized sweater and a pair of your favorite sneakers!

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